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This freaked me out! How about you?

by Tim Anderson

Hey everyone, its Y-Girl Morgan....Gotta share this with you....

Lately while sleeping, I have noticed some pain with my latest cartilage piercing When going to feel it, I felt a bump and just about freaked out. I asked the girls at Almost Famous, who told me not to worry, as it was just a healing bump. Still a little freaked out, I asked them to explain. They said usually healing bumps are just part of the healing process, with the best thing to do being to clean the area. This means going back to the aftercare process and using a warm salt soak to help heal that piercing. I was warned that if I didnt take care of it, it could lead to infection. They told me that signs of infection include the piercing feeling warm, redness in the area of the wound, discharge form the piercing, pain, discomfort, or running a fever. This made me want to run home and wash my piercing immediately Ill be sure to take better care of them from now on

Y-Girl Morgan