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The 4 Most Annoying Things About Winter Drivers

by JT

I consider myself a pretty good driver. I haven’t received any sort of ticket and hopefully it stays that way! But since these past few snowfalls I have dreaded getting in my car to drive anywhere. I feel like my car is from Florida and has never seen snow before. I hardly get any traction and when I try to start my car in this freezing weather it takes a go or two to get her kicking. But my summer car isn't even why I fear driving – it’s other drivers! So here is a list of the things that drive me crazy about winter drivers!

The 4 Most Annoying Things About Winter Drivers

  • You Concentrate On Everything But Driving
    • This one really frustrates me!  Winter makes driving insanely tougher, it's like playing the rainbow road on Mario Karte - but then when you start multi-tasking while driving you may as well have thrown a million bananas across the road too! I saw a post on Twitter of a girl who took a photo looking out to the road through her windshield. The caption was, “Making it a game to see how far I can go without using my windshield wipers since they’re broken.” First off, why would you take a photo on the highway while it’s crazy snowing??? Second, why would you drive in a snowstorm with no working windshield wipers??? Oh, I know - you don't value your life or others that much! Don't put the lives of others in danger due to your stupid decision to drive while taking a photo of your broken windshield wipers.
  • You Don't Use Turn Signals
    • Turn signals are a blessing but even more so during the winter. While driving behind someone I always expect them to use turn signals. It’s such an easy thing to do and helps people driving behind you in so many ways. The other day I was driving to work and a car decided to hit their breaks and turn. No signal, no warming, nothing. To avoid hitting them I hit my breaks. My breaks locked up and I was sliding straight ahead watching my life flash before my eyes before I smashed their back bumper into a million tiny frozen pieces. Thankfully no one was in the other lane and I managed to get over just in time - If only the car in front of me would have used a turn signal. I wish you could have heard me yelling at you from inside my car hoping you would get stuck in a snowbank - lucky for you it was hella cold out so I wasn't about to roll my window down and let out any heat!
  • You Don't Use Your Headlights Like Ever
    • If it weren’t for my automatic lights I would probably be the one getting a finger or two for not having them on. During the winter when it’s snowing heavily the only way to see a vehicle is if they have their lights on. This is so important and so simple but some people just don’t seem to care. TURN YOUR LIGHTS ON. You are not a ninja, people need to see if they are about to drive into a car or not (unless you are a ninja, if so carry on).
  • You Drive Recklessly
    • Just because you've been driving for years doesn't  make necessarily make you a better driver. If that were the case every 80 year-old on the road would also be racing in NASCAR on Sunday afternoons. Speeding, especially during the winter months puts you and everyone else at risk. And when YOU get angry and speed by, you sometimes push up snowdust...then I can't see where I'm going! If I wanted to drive blindfolded I would have just put a blindfold on! Slow it down pal, take a little extra time to get where you're going...unless it's on a date with George Clooney, then I totally understand! ;)

Yes, not all drivers are terrible - but I bet you've done a few of these yourself, I know I have. Now that winter has settled in, just remember to be careful while you're driving and take other drivers into consideration. You could save yourself and others from dangerous situations! Comment below with some of the things you hate about drivers! 

Lauren The Y-Girl