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Piercing Aftercare: The Best Methods

by JT

Being friends with a piercing enthusiast, I am always informed on all the latest happenings in the piercing world. This girls always looking to get a new piercing and wanted to find a new place to get it done so this led to her recent discovery of Almost Famous . She told me to check it out, so trusting her, I headed on over to the West Acres location in Fargo and was surprised by what I found.

The girl working there was readily available for my questions. Having really sensitive skin, my ears get infected easily The workers pointed me in the right direction and told me all about how to use their aftercare and how to prevent future infections. I was told I could buy the aftercare (sea salt and glycerin soap) there in the store. Needless to say, Ill be headed back to pick some up very soon.

Check out the quick video I took while I was there below.

Morgan - The Y-Girl