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5 Gifts You Absolutely Shouldn't Get For HER This X-Mas

by JT

We're now in Christmas shopping crunch time and if you haven't put some serious thought into what SHE wants, you're in trouble! The best gifts are wanted, needed and have meaning within your relationship, so here's our list of the ones you should avoid at all costs!

5 Gifts You Absolutely Shouldn't Ger For Her This X-mas

  • Gym Memberships
    • If she's really into fitness, you might think that a gym membership would be a good idea - more than likely she already has one and if she doesn't...don't open that can or worms. There really is no good way to make a gym membership appear that you're not calling her fat! And you know how us women can be, we like to over analyze and can be over sensitive especially about our bodies (thank you mass media).
  • Appliances
    • Sure, we might need a new vacuum or could really use a new washing machine, but those are necessity purchases not gifts! When you give a woman these things it appears to us that you're not valuing our relationship.just the things we do for you!
  • Gift Cards
    • Gift Cards can be so impersonal, you may as well have just pulled a few bucks out of your wallet on x-mas and handed it over. If you can't put thought into the gift you're giving you've screwed up and you're not taking our feelings into consideration. What we really want is for you to show us that you know us, and not just know us, really know us!
  • Something That's Actually For You
    • If you buy a gift that you're going to use more than we are...game over! Yeah, I might like to play video games sometimes - but if you buy the system and then I come home from work everyday and you're constantly on it...well it really wasn't a gift for me at that point was it!
  • Nothing
    • If you get us nothing, even if we said we weren't exchanging gifts you're just crazy! Even getting us one of the gifts you shouldn't get us would be better than getting us nothing. Put some effort in or you're going to know what it feels like to make love to a dead fish...I'm just saying ;)
Gift giving is an art and at the end of the day we just want to know that you put some thought into it. Comment below with other gifts that should make the list or better yet gifts that you actually received that were just terrible!
Steph The Y-Girl