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5 Annoying Things You Do in A New Relationship That You Don't Know You're Doing

by JT

Nobody wants to be single on Valentine's Day, which means that over the last couple of weeks my single friends have taken the plunge and started new relationships! This is great, I'm super happy for them, except for the annoying things that almost everyone does when they're in a new relationships and for the for most part they don't even know they're doing them. Here's my top 5 list:

5 Annoying Things YOU Do when You're In A New Relationship That You Don't Know You're Doing

  • YOU Talk About Him ALL the Time
    • I get it, you just started a new relationship - it's exciting...for you! I don't care that he texted you until 3am the night before, or that when he smiles his dimples make him look even cuter. When I'm hanging out with you, I want to talk about things that we're BOTH into - unless of course he has a friend.
  • YOU Invite Him to Everything
    • Don't get me wrong, I don't want you all to myself - we're friends - but when you start inviting him to everything and I mean everything (seriously, he doesn't actually want to come to girls night and watch the new episode of New Girl every week) you've crossed a line! It's ok to leave him at home once in a while.
  • YOU Take His Side
    • Even though you know he's wrong, you automatically defend him and take his side. Seriously, we've been friends for a long time, and what...you've known this guy for like a month...give me a little credit here when he's being a d@*che I'm going to tell you about it and you shouldn't automatically try to defend him.
  • YOU Flake Out on Things To be with Him
    • Yeah, you're still in the honeymoon stage - you want to be around him all day and all night...but remember who's going to be there for you when that stage abrubtly ends and you realize he's just like every other guy you've dated: a beer guzzling, sports watching DUDE. If we've got plans, you should follow through with them.
  • YOU Ask For Advice But Don't Use It
    • If you're going to ask for my advice about your new relationship and I give you an honest answer even if you don't like it you should use it! Recently a friend told me about a crazy thing their new boyfriend did and asked me what I thought...I told her to get out! What did she do? She ignored my advice, is still in the relationship and hates every minute of it. That's on you sister!
There you have it - my small list! I bet you can add a lot more or even examples of how your friends have done these exact same things! Comment below and share with all your friends that have or are getting into new relationships!
Lauren - The Y-Girl