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Women's Right or Immature Fight?...

by Siri Freeh

Arriving to my mid 20's, I have witnessed the evolution of lounge apparel over the years; in particular, amongst the female population (not as prevalent among guys - still the same ol b-ball shorts or sweatpants).

In middle school, who could forget how track shorts paired perfectly with a pair of white knee-highs.

Or the extremely forgiving sweat pants and Uggs.

We have now progressed beyond the fashion faux pas that created the illusion of stubby legs with thunder thighs (thanks to only 6 inches of visible leg) and a complete lack of donk. We are entering a new era of sleek, tight fighting, leg elongating, black slimming.YOGA PANTS.

*ahem* And leggings.

Granted, not everyone can pull these off. But, overall we ladies love the comfort, fashion, and flattering fit we accomplish. Guys also willing give their stamp of approval .

So why wouldnt we want to wear them EVERYWHERE?? Chloee Britt (future best friend of Paris Hilton) thought the same thing. However, her high school did not subscribe to this belief. As punishment for violating the dress code, Britt was sentenced to explain herself via a worksheet. It must not have been effective, however, given her concluding thoughts at the end of the page .

Is her opposition to the schools dress code an act of standing up for her rights or just immaturity?