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Wearing White: Wedding Do or Don't?

by Siri Freeh

White . A usually devisive shade that one either loves or hates to wear. Ever since I went red, I love it. I just bought a white cocktail dress and am anxious to wear it to the next big event. With the hair color and summer glow, looking washed out is no longer an issue. First rule: check.

We are well passed Memorial day. Someone, somewhere once decided wearing white beforehand was unacceptable (heaven forbid you blend into a snowbank or something). Second rule: check.

And then there's last item to consider. The said 'big event'...is a wedding. Not mine. A friend of mine. I was all set on wearing my new dress when I was informed today that wearing white to a wedding was a huge no no. Third rule?...

Now, I'm not looking to show up the bride. The last thing on earth I want is to be rude on her big day. I just happen to like wearing the same shade as her dress. And, I can just about guarantee a white cotton cocktail dress won't hold a candle to a beaded and bedazzled full length gown.

So what's the big deal? Is wearing white (like wearing black) still taboo at weddings? What about if the bride goes avant garde and wears pink? (its happening).