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WATCH: Too Sexy for My Manual Transmission

by Siri Freeh

I recently bought a car. My first car out of college. And it was going to be a manual. Did I know how to drive a manual? Pssht. No. I had the sales guy teach me. Why? Great gas mileage, slightly cheaper, it's fun, and (this is key)...it's BA.

Just like any other woman out there (and man for that matter), part of the reason I wanted a manual is because I think its hot. I have the same reaction as when I see a guy zoom by on his bike. Mm.

So my thought process? Black car? Hot. Manual? Hot.



Stalling for the 8th time today? Not.

Oh yeah, and then there's all the lovely new friends I'm making on the road.

And parallel parking...


Consider this next time sexy suggests one thing but reality proves another.