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Trump's Trifecta

by Siri Freeh

Here she is , your latest ascender to the pageant throne - Miss USA 2014 Nia Sanchez.

Being a former pageant girl myself, of course I watched the competition go down last night. Before we dive in, let me put it out there right now. Obviously, the swimsuit portion of the competition is criticized for being unrealistic and objectifying. But, have you noticed every other brand using similar advertising? Abercrombie, Victoria Secret, Luckytake your pick.Yet we continue to buy from them. Frankly, it doesnt hurt my self-esteem. The burger I enjoyed while watching the show last night thought my body looked just fine.

Back to the point . I will start off by saying a resounding HALLELUJAH and CONGRATULATIONS to Miss North Dakota USA Audra Mari for taking first runner-up (though she was by far my completely unbiased favorite to win). Bout time our confident, genuine, and successful state be recognized, along with the women who reflect these qualities.

And yes, I will give a gracious golf clap to the new Miss USA, Nia Sanchez. Though, I cant help but wonder if she won because her older sisters were crowned the past two years. Before the rumors start, no I dont mean literal sisters - but they sure could pass for it.

Miss USA 2012, 2013 and 2014.

The resemblance is uncanny isnt it? The Donald may just have turned the pageant stereotype around from being a game for tall blondes, to a shorter brunettes sport.

Regardless, did you know the new Miss USA is a 4th degree black belt and lived in a woman's shelter when she was 6?... See for yourself.

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