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Case of the Mondays or Rule of 3?

by Siri Freeh

Mondays. We have a love/hate relationship.

And this Monday, our hate for one another tipped the scales and a nuclear fight erupted.

ROUND 1...


Shattered brand new coffee pot all over the floor.

Siri: Whatever. I didn't want that morning coffee anyway. I'll enjoy coffee at work. AND it's free so it'll taste even better.

ROUND 2...


Spilled said work coffee all overpants.

Siri: Nice rebound Monday. But a little water will take that right out. AND these pants are quick dry. Ha!

ROUND 3...


Afore mentioned water miraculously finds it's way to my laptop. Screen is now flickering on and off.

Siri: ...I'll blog to the world just how cruel you are Monday...on my phone of course...which may take me 3 times as long. But will be worth it.

To be continued...