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AUDIO: Justin Bieber Feat. Chance The Rapper - "Confident"

by JT

Justin Bieber closed out his #MusicMonday series today with a new song, "Confident" featuring Chicago native, Chance The Rapper! Never heard of Chance The Rapper? 

Here's a quick play-by-play:  suspended from high school for 10 tens, spent those 10 days making a mixtape entitled, 10 Days. That mixtape became one of the most popular in Chicago and earned him some real music cred. 

This year he released another mixtape, Acid Rap then made guest appearances on tracks with Childish Gambino & Lil Wayne. This week Spin magazine gave the mixtape a #2 spot on their list of albums of the year! And back in August, the 20-year-old Chicago rapper even placed on Billboard’s R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart, just because so many people were selling his free mixtape without permission!

Today, Chance The Rapper has the #1 most downloaded song on iTunes...and wait for it...he'll be performing at the Venue Tomorrow [Tuesday, Dec. 10] - that's right, you can see a hip hop star in the making right here in Fargo! Grab tickets over at JadePresents.com and check out his new song with Justin Bieber below.