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The Moment I Knew I Wanted To Be A Father

by Rat

At what point in life do you make the decision that you want to be a parent? That question for me was answered very early in life. You see, my fathers family lived in Kansas. That meant we would take the 12 hour car ride down to visit relatives about twice a year. As you can imagine, that long of a car ride with three young boys could be quite the adventurous trip for my parents. When we arrived at the grandparents house, we would burst in like animals that had been caged all day. I dont remember exactly how old I was but during one of these visits I caught a look on my fathers face. He had this slight smirk and a certain spark in his eye. For some reason, I understood that this look was one of pride. I could see how happy he was to bring his own family to his parents. Even though we probably were acting like wild chimpanzees, that could not distract his excitement. I remember thinking, I want that. I could envision what it would be like to bring my own children to see their grandma and grandpa. I wanted to truly understand the look on my fathers face. I finally got that chance when I was able to see my father hold his first grandchild. That is a moment I will never forget and I cant help but feel that life has come full circle.