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Why Brett Favre Should Coach The Minnesota Vikings

by Zero

Let me start this out by saying... I couldn't be farther from being a ESPN Sportscaster or a football analyst. I however, am a Minnesota Vikings fan.

It's not always easy to be a Vikings fan. A child of the Twin Cities, I got to see my share of Vikings games live and in person. Win or lose, it was always fun... there's something about actually being there, feeling the energy, that mattered more than the scoreboard.

Now, we never actually paid for those tickets -- cool, right? Co-workers of my father who had tickets, in many cases season tickets, that they didn't want to use, would give them to him and we would go watch the game. Those fair weather fans are responsible for a lot of childhood memories for me, and for that I am grateful. It also illustrates just how long there's been something missing on that team...

I look back at the excitment and energy levels of home Vikings games I have attended. Just a few years ago I experienced being a member of the absolute most energized and *noisey* crowd I've ever seen. Not just at football games, but factor in every event or concert that I have ever attended as well -- I have not seen more people on their feet than when I went to a Minnesota Vikings game... and Brett Favre was our quarterback.

Favre's amazing season and his... less amazing season managed to add something to The Vikings that we really needed -- buzz, energy, interest and excitment.

Brett Favre will go down as a legendary quarterback in the NFL. Face it, it's true. Also, did you catch the word QUARTERBACK? If you aren't complaining about coaching, what do you hear people talking about when it comes to The Vikings? THE QUARTERBACK position.

Can you imagine having the expertise of Brett Favre at the disposal of *whoever* our go-to man will be? C'mon -- he's THE GUNSLINGERIt's not like the guy doesn't have some feathers in his cap for crying out load -  Favre is the only quarterback in NFL history to throw for over 70,000 yards, over 500 touchdowns, over 300 interceptions, over 6,000 completions, and over 10,000 pass attempts.

Incase you haven't figured out what I am getting at here, it's this -- I have a #4 Vikings jersey I'd like to take out of the closet and see what happens if Brett Favre coaches the Vikings.

Can you imagine the buzz and press? All eyes would be on Minnesota. 

Can Favre coach?

He does just fine with the high school kids that have essentially become his full time job. 

"Oh, these are adult men we are talking about here, much more mature than high school students, it's completely different".

.... Really? 

We have here a man who when it was announced he wasn't coming back for a third year as our quarterback, fellow team members flew to his home to try and convince him otherwise. Yes, it's a different team, the culture of the locker room has evolved some, but Favre is a man who knows what the team can be, he knows the area, he knows the fans and most importantly, he knows football.

"But Favre has no coaching experience"

Did Mike Tice? We hired him.

Favre certainly has a passion and love for the game... and if it is a question of "motivation"... well he still has plenty of rivalries and scores to settle in the NFL. You don't think he looks at the injury he suffered in his final season and wouldn't like a shot at changing the culture from the inside?

He has already led teams to eight division championships, five NFC Championship Games and two Super Bowl appearances (Super Bowl XXXI, Super Bowl XXXII), winning one (Super Bowl XXXI).

He made it clear that he wanted another Super Bowl ring, maybe Favre's destiny is to get one in a totally new role... 

Would he want the job? Who knows?

Would he ever GET the job if he did... again, who knows?

Would it be a pretty fun way to follow up the season the Minnesota Vikings just had... more importantly, would it be great to see how much it ticks off Green Bay Packer fans?

... Definitely. 

Zero is host of The Y94 Morning Playhouse, and has been complaining about buying a Favre jersey and not getting his money's worth for a few years now. He can be emailed at zero.wday@mwcradio.com