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When Is The BREAK UP HOLD Period Over?

by Zero

We've discussed many times on The Morning Playhouse, "THE BREAK UP HOLD PERIOD".

There is a period of time in the year where it would be flat-out rude to break up with somebody. Sure, it's never fun to be on the receiving end of a break up, it generally sucks. But, to be broken up with during the holidays, now that, THAT, would really stink! This, is the basis of a annual segment on The Playhouse, "Break Up With Them Before The Holidays".

In "Break Up With Them Before The Holidays", we speak with listeners who are in the situation where they just honesty do not want to continue the relationship they are currently in, and want to bail out before the holiday season. You may say, "Why not just tough it out until after the holidays?". Well, it's not that simple. First, there's Thanksgiving, then there is Christmas, New Year's, and of course V-DAY shortly there after.

You aren't just toughing it out through one holiday... you'd be stuck through ALL OF THEM.

Now, we've established that it probably is best for all involved if you end a relationship before the holiday season. We've established that being broken up with is an awful experience and would be particularly painful during the holiday season. The question now is... if you are currently in a relationship and "the break" is coming -- seeing as it is the middle of December and Christmas is fast approaching, when is the "no break up" period over?

Certainly you would be king or queen of awful to break someone's heart right before Christmas... just a week after is New Year's. In my mind, if you are contemplating "THE BREAK", you should move swiftly after Christmas or New Years so you aren't with someone come the holiday of hearts, flowers and candies that comes in the 2nd month of the year.

*Return gifts from your now-ex and their family to the ex so nobody has anything to demand back from you later -- that will be their first comment, "you're breaking up with me, right after my mom got you that <insert gift here>!?!?!" OR, "of course, you dump me after I buy you that expensive _____"!

*Get it done and out of the way early in January, if you wait too long... you are now in a situation where you are the jerk who dumped somebody right before Valentine's Day.

AFTER 2/14... you are golden, you are in the clear... date, dump, do your thing. Just remember the holidays are stressful enough with work and family... if you're going to end a relationship, be very careful about how you time it.

NOTE: There is also the common sense logic of  - Don't date anyone you aren't feeling "those feelings" for anymore and don't concern yourself with what the date is and don't waste your time or anyone else's time. That would, however, be too logical... and what about dating is logical???? ;)