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Weird Food Combos

by Zero

Talked about weird food combos you love on The Y94 Morning Playhouse -- check out some of these ones that got texted in!!! 

Potato chips and carrots together 

Apple Sauce on Meal Loaf

Apple sauce in my Mac and cheese! 

Regular chips, BBQ sauce sandwich 

I love butter and peanut butter toast with a slice of cheese on it 

Jelly toast with a slice of cheese on top! Mayo and mustard sandwich. Take a piece of bread, spead mayo and then mustard and eat. No top slice. 

Cheerios or cornflakes with melted butter. 

Peanut butter and tuna! 

I like cake in a bowl of milk no frosting and warm cake mmmmmm 

My mom eats apples with salt in them 

Chocolate covered bacon. Not as a meal but a sweet salty confection. 

Mac n cheese with salsa 

Creamy peanut butter and those sliced hamburger dill pickle chips on bread 

Cream cheese and mustard sandwiches 

Homemade chocolate cake and spaghetti sauce  

My sister used to mix peanut butter and syrup in a bowl and just eat a big bowl of it. Every time I would come home the house would just be filled with that 

Raw onions and salt!!! 

My daughter loves cheese balls dipped in ice cream 

I dip my popcorn in koolaid 

Oreos and peanut butter 

Cheese puffs with a ton of vinegar on it :) I can't eat them any other way! 

Apple Sauce on pizza

Frosted Flakes with Chocolate Milk as The Milk

French fries and Cole slaw. Yum!