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VIRAL: Mom & Dad Are Sleeping In Today!!

by Zero

Any parent knows that sometimes sleeping in on a weekend can be a pretty hefty request. The kids want breakfast or want to play, the TV is on too loud, etc.  Well a Washington couple had a solution... leave the kids a note, that has since gone viral. Samantha Manville wrote -  To answer your questions:

You can have cereal for breakfast

Yes, you can watch TV / play Wii

No, you may not go to your friends house

No you cannot have a baggie of snacks from the pantry, those are for lunches (yes I mean those ones)

You can have an orange for a snack. That means one (1) each!

Alexia - don't antagonize your brother.

Liam -- don't be a whiner . . . or at least not 2 loud of one.

We Love you!

Reportedly it worked! Parents, before you give it a try on your kids.. .remember, it's not going to always work, so make sure that you save it for those special occasions (anniversaries!) or particularly exhausting days where a good night's rest and some sleeping in is definitely in order.