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Maggie's Missed Connection!!!

by Zero

Once again a potential mate for The Playhouse's Maggie has posted a "Missed Connection" for her on Craigslist. We'd like to say this is the first time... but it is far from. Do enjoy.

Maggie Mae - m4w - 28 (Fargo)

Wake up Maggie! I got something to say to you! LOL

We have met many times but the sad thing is I don't think you even know who I am.

You work in radio/communications so I know that you meet a lot of people at your corporate events, etc. So keeping track of them all is probably difficult. 

The thing is, I just want you to remember my name, my face. Because yours is burned into my brain forever. You are unforgettable and because of you I now understand the concept of a smile that brightens other's days. You are amazing.

Your soft laughter every morning is what starts my day. Without it. I would quite truly be lost. I don't think you will ever understand what you mean to me. I know you are with someone else. I believe it is serious. But what you need to understand is that just because you are with someone, does not make it the right someone.

You don't understand how well you and I would work together. It is so hard to know so much about somebody to feel like you know everything about them but have them know nothing about you. I know your likes and your dislikes your fears and what brings you joy. But you don't even know my name.

Go on one dinner with me. Say my name with your soft angelic voice. Make polite conversation. And if you feel nothing. I understand. It is ok. I will get over it. All I want is the chance to see if you can connect to me the way I have already connected to you. 

Souls and like magnets, Maggie. And yours has drawn mine in. I pray that you can feel it too. I will have my chance. If there is such a thing as karma, destiny and true love; I will get my chance to show you how much we belong together. Be on the lookout for a special gift my dear friend. Even if nothing happens between us, it is a token of my appreciation for you. Thank you for the smiles and laughter you bring to my life. "

Original Posting: http://fargo.craigslist.org/mis/4177971916.html