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Love In The Water... While The Wind Blows

by Zero

We recently asked The Playhouse Family to help us write a romantic novel... we started it, posted 1 paragraph on our Facebook page (facebook.com/morningplayhouse) & this is what you came up with.


By: The Y94 Morning Playhouse Family

Xavier Robinson Black thought that buying an island was a wonderful way to get his mind off of his very demanding job... he never thought that being a retired astronaut turned investment banker would result in him owning an island, but certainly enjoys the privacy. 

He never was someone who dreamed of love... until, he met Ashley... who is a sweet innocent pharmaceutical sales rep from Fargo, North Dakota.....

Ashley was stunningly beautiful: blonde hair, green eyes, & a smile that could compete with the Northern Lights. She was the oldest of three girls & a preacher's daughter. Ashley decided to leave home in search of something more.

She was used to small-town Fargo and a life enriched with God, but knew her fate waited for her outside ND. Ashley was never one to be impressed by money and possessions. In fact, she often found wealthy people to be somewhat "showey", but there was something about Xavier that she found fascinating....

She had met him at a coffee shop on the coast and they had exchanged brief conversation. He consumed her thoughts and dreams. 

She would awake with a vague memory of him touching her in places she knew she shouldn't allow and awoke feeling alive and excited. She felt ashamed feeling this way but always wanted more. Her dreams of him became somewhat of an obsession, something so new yet so familar. Like she had known him in another life.

He spoke of a place where two people could live in Paradise with no interference from the outside world. She was torn because living in Fargo all her life she already knew what that life was like. Still she wanted something new...

Living with him on the island seemed like a huge commitment, were they moving too fast? She didnt think so at first, additionally, she felt he wasn't entirely upfront about his past.

She realized how far she would be from all she did love. A secluded island for 2 seemed to be out there. All types of thoughts rushed thru her head on what he could really be..... but the pull, the magnetism he had with her. She began to realize she needed him. He was the only one who could fulfill her, as she constantly dreamed of him being the one to remove her innosense. 

Her love and lust for him made her not care that he had secrets, she wanted him to deflower her on the beach of the island.

They slowly walked with the sand under their feet. She wanted to ask him about the secrets he held, :but the sounds of the waves crashing, the energy between them took over. He stopped and looked at her. His eyes penetrating hers. He took her head in his hands and expressed his yearning for love and companionship and asked if she could be that for him. She was breathless. How could she tell him no? He made her feel better than ever before

Passion started to flow between them! He started caressing her body. Everywhere he touched her excitment grew.

His hands slowly traced her skin sending her pulse racing. Her skin was like fire, his touch like a welcomed burn... then he finally sent her lips on fire along with the rest of her. He picked her up and she threw her legs around him. He untied her bikini and found the place she needed him most

He carried her to a clearing on the beach where the sand was soft as satin. They could not tar themselves apart from each other when suddenly he tripped over something sticking out of the sand. They both looked down at the object and when Ashley saw it she stared at Xavier's face whos face suddenly became pale as the white sand. Suddenly the secrets crossed her mind

"And just how do you explain this??" Ashley asked Xavier harshly

"Its my past Ashley" Xavier said. "I'm not that person anymore. You walked into my world and I had forgotten what it was like to be that man. You changed me and that is what I put behind me"

Ashley knelt down and saw what looked like an open locket. She picked it up to take a closer look and inside it was a picture of Ashley when she was just a child. 

"How did you get this?", Ashley gasped. "We only just met..."

"it's always been you ashley", he said... you are the reason i gave it all up. my dream of space exploration, everything. i've always wanted you. for longer than you can imagine. i need you not to be frightened by what i'm about to tell you, but understand it's all been for you, this island everything

The confession shocked her. That while in NASA he had been part of a secret experiment to send a man through a black hole to try and achieve time travel. What was more surprising is, it worked. She had visions, memories of a man she met while a young girl, who would have tea parties with her as she shared her fantasies of one day living on a tropical island. 

The time came when the NASA of her childhood was able to send Xavier back home, but he couldn't forget the young friend he met back in time. So he found himself a new career, was successful at it, and did all he could to create the real life version of her childhood fantasies. Now he had her, she had him. It seemed almost like a perfect love story. Almost...

Xavier Robinson Black had his share of secrets. One of those secrets, traveling through time has it's side effects. While he had in many ways seen a greater stretch of time than any man could ever hope to see, his life would be cut short. He only has 1 more year to walk this earth. In one year. He will die. 

Ashley fell to the ground and wept. She found a man that traveled through time and space to find her and give her everything she always wanted, only to learn in one year. She would lose him.

She stood tall and wiped her eyes and decided she was going to cherish every moment she had with him. She threw her arms around him and begged him to ravish her right then and there. Her previous need for him turned carnal and she needed him more than before.

Their bodies bound together on the sands of the beach that evening, the cool island breeze chilled the sweat on Xavier's toned body. "May I make one more confession?" he asked...

Ashley wondered what else there could possibley be...

"Ashley, I've waited 2 lifetimes for you. I saved myself for this moment in time just as you have. I've been drawn to your amazing green eyes. If this is all I have, I can die a happy man, knowing that I have you." Once again they were tied together, feeling every touch, bound together as 2 should be. They made love for hours until they fell asleep under the stars from pure ecstasy and exhaustion

When Ashley awoke, she found herself in her own bed at home. Confusion swept over her. Had it all been a crazy, wonderful dream? If so, why was there sand in her sheets and sea weed in her hair? As she stumbled out of bed, she heard someone call her... the voice familiar... but different... she ran downstairs and before her stood... her...

Different... but the same -- a blast of wind blows open the front door -- debris rolls in from outside -- her hair blows in the breeze, as does... her hair.

In her living room, 3 feet away from her, a older version of herself, almost like looking at her grandmother.

"He can be saved, but we need to go now."

Without thinking she followed... she didn't know where, or when, she was headed... she didn't care. Their love was timeless. Both short and eternal. 

Ashley's journey. Had just begun.