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LIST: Men Should Never Wear...

by Zero

We asked the women of The Playhouse Family what clothing they'd like to see their men stay away from... here's what they said --

*Deep V-Neck Shirts
*Jean Shorts
*Skinny Jeans
*Silky Shirts
*Cabbie Hats
*Cowboy Hats
*Socks With Sandles
*Flip Flops
*Jeans With Crosses On Pockets
*Pointy Toed Shoes
*Sweater Vest
*Long Leather Matrix-Style Jackets
*Shirts With Cut Off Sleaves
*Shell Necklaces
*Eye Liner
*Black Socks With Shorts
*Long Socks With Shorts
*Cargo Shorts (Past The Age of 19)
*Silky Shirts
*Sports Bras...?
*Leather Pants
*Excessive Sports Jerseys