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BULLYING: The Story Of Monica

by Zero

This is BULLYING AWARENESS MONTH on The Y94 Morning Playhouse.

We are asking members of The Playhouse Family that have dealt with bullying to share their story to let others know that it does get better.

Young or old, bullying is never ok. Share your story by emailing Zero at zero.wday@mwcradio.com

All names will be changed to protect the author's identity --

Here is the story of Monica -

When I was in early elementary school I had a "friend" named Lisa. I grew up in a tiny town and there weren't any other girls my age, so I assumed that all friends treated each other like this. She was very controlling and if I liked something she didn't (or vice versa), her reaction was to squeeze my arm until I agreed with her. I would often come home with scrapes or bruises because of this. She would also push me often, usually to the ground which is how I got the scrapes. I recall at a sleepover, I was going to shower before bed and she stood in the bathroom turning up the water so hot that I was burned, because she told me that that's how you had to shower at her house.

This just scratches the surface of the physical bullying I was put through, but there was a lot on the emotional side of things as well - especially name calling. I eventually made new friends in a neighboring town and tried to stay away from her as much as possible. She added me on Facebook a few years ago and I found out that she has several children and has moved far away. Well, last week she posted a status about her daughter being bullied (her daughter is 5-6 years old, the same age I was when she tortured me). I decided to finally stick up for myself and confront her about what she did to me years ago. She responded by denying everything I said and called me a "B", as well as trash just for talking to her. She then asked her husband and mother-in-law to also harass me on Facebook. What I've learned from the experience is that bullies are going to be bullies - trash stays trash. But what you can do is learn from those experiences to choose wisely who you surround yourself with and report bullying/harassment when it happens so something can be done to fix the problem.

Also, always be sure that your character stays strong- don't let those crappy people turn you into someone you don't want to be. Rise above it :)

- Monica