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BULLYING: Michael's Story

by Zero

This is BULLYING AWARENESS MONTH on The Y94 Morning Playhouse. We are asking members of The Playhouse Family that have dealt with bullying to share their story to let others know that it does get better.

Young or old, bullying is never ok. Share your story by emailing Zero at zero.wday@mwcradio.com

All names can be changed to protect the author's identity --

This is the story of Michael --

I'm honestly not sure why I had such a hard time with bullies when I was growing up. I was always a quiet kid. Shy, scared to put myself out there. I guess I was scared of rejection mostly. Opening up, trying, giving it a true shot and then having it not work out. So, it was easiest to always just be the quiet one. To not stand out. Sadly, the quiet one, the one trying not to stand out, is often a star in their own right. Because other kids, they talk about that. They don't allow you to just be quiet or invisible. They notice. And they talk, and they harass, and they bully. You try and escape it but they find you. I loved Star Trek. LOVED it. And I wore one day a Star Trek t-shirt that my father had got me. I was very proud of the shirt. I adored the shirt. And the fact that it came from my dad made it even more special. I was teased, laughed at... called "K-Mart" the rest of the week. Had I worn a Nike t-shirt or a Vikings jersey I would have been left be. But showing off something that meant a great deal to me resulted in me being teased and laughed at and harassed.

Whether it was being shoved and pushed around in the locker room, made a mockery of in gym class or finding gum constantly stuck to my locker door by "generous" strangers... I was made to know on a daily basis that I was not welcome in their lives. They had no respect for me and as far as they were concerned -- I was valued less than them for some reason. They decided that my experience in school was not to be as fulfilling or enjoyable as theirs was.. I was to suffer. I was to feel pain.

I wish it could say it got better for me SOON. But it didn't. Not until I moved away to college and was allowed to reinvent myself around new people did it get better. Even now, as an adult, I feel them lurking in my mind... telling me I can't do something, shouldn't do something or should be scared. It gets better, but it never goes away. That's why people who are bullying or see bullying need to do what they can to adjust the path we are on as people. No kid should feel the pain I did... live and let live. There is no reason for bullying. It serves no purpose. Do you want to be the reason that another person has a miserable day or bad memories of their childhood? Do you want to haunt a random person's nightmares for their entire life? Bullying serves no purpose ever, and it never ever ever ok.