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BULLYING: Amber's Story

by Zero

This is BULLYING AWARENESS MONTH on The Y94 Morning Playhouse. We are asking members of The Playhouse Family that have dealt with bullying to share their story to let others know that it does get better. 

Young or old, bullying is never ok. Share your story by emailing Zero at zero.wday@mwcradio.com

All names can be changed to protect the author's identity --  

This is Amber's Story --

I was a teen mother. It's interesting because being "popular" was what got me to that point. I was a girl who got all the attention in the world from boys and I loved it. I did what ever I needed to do to continue to get that attention. And it worked. 

It resulted in the birth of my son Michael. Who I love dearly. He is my world now. Try being pregnant at 15 and going to school. It's not easy. It's not fun. I went from being the POPULAR girl to being everyone's rumor, gossip and joke.

Names that I had called "larger" girls were being thrown at me as I continued to grow. I was called every word under the sun that is used toward a woman who is seen as "active". I had all the friends in the world, then suddenly none. I thought after my son was born that it would get better. It didn't. My stomach maybe got smaller but the jokes and rumors and gossip followed me through high school.

I learned what it felt like to be the bullied one. In one "mistake" I became the bottom of the totem poll. For those that bully; know that it might not be a baby... but one thing you say or do can quickly make you the bullied. Nobody deserves to be bullied. Nobody. In a lot of ways I feel like my experiences were karma for the bad person that I was to so many others.

Now i'm 29 years old and have learned so much -- if I can pass along any message it would be to stay strong and for those that may bully, rethink your actions. Is one laugh today worth memories that will haunt others forever?