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My Teeth and My Tongue Fell Out

by Lauri Loewenberg

Dear Lauri,
Last night I dreamed I had braces on all my teeth.  I removed all the braces and half of my teeth came out along with my tongue. It looked like a creepy science experiment, but it all grew back instantly. The weirdest part was my tongue. It had all kinds of weird colors and stuff on it, and I put it in a large glass of fruit punch. So creepy!   - Dave 36, Cleveland, OH

Lauri: Sounds like you’re having a major communication issue. When any part of the mouth is brought to attention in a dream you can bet it is referring to something you have said recently. The braces suggest you have been trying to "straighten something out" verbally. But since your teeth and your tongue all came out in the dream, you must have said a lot of things that you wish you could take back and put back in.  Placing your tongue in fruit punch seems like a totally random and bizarre thing to do but I think it reflects that, after this communication, you felt like you were “punched.”  But fear not, your dream is giving you good news despite the embarrassment you must have experienced. It all grew back instantly, meaning that you’ll bounce back just fine. You have, “saved face,” so to speak.

Dave Replies: Yesterday I called me ex, told him I was sorry and asked him to take me back, etc. It was a stupid move. This makes sense. Thank you.

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