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John Goodman Saves the Day

by Lauri Loewenberg

Dear Lauri,
Last night I dreamed I was at a library. I saw a woman reading on a couch. I walked over to her and tried making small talk. Then, some crazy woman came over and interrupted! We tried our best to ignore her, but she kept talking and talking. I saw John Goodman in the corner motioning for me to get out of there, as if to say, "SHE'S LOOPY! Get out while you can!" I left but she insisted on following me. John Goodman took me back to his place to escape the crazy, but she followed me into the apartment. He winked at me, said "watch this," and hit her in the head with a shovel then high-fived me and we shouted "PRIVATE PROPERTY!" And then I woke up. Charlie 22, Edon, OH

Lauri: The library represents your own knowledge, ideas and opinions... your brain! The annoying woman represents something that has recently annoyed you, something you tried to ignore but no matter what you do it is there. The way she keeps talking makes me think it may be a train of thought, some sort of inner chatter, feelings or opinions you wish you could rid yourself of. John Goodman may represent you trying to be a good man despite the situation. He seemed to be successful in putting an end to the annoyance so that may be your answer: focus on the good. However, the utterance of private property is interesting. Again, this may be in reference to your inner library, your inner private thoughts.

Charlie replies:
Everything has been like nails on a chalkboard lately because I just ran out of my anti-anxiety meds. This makes a lot of sense. John Goodman, other than being a badass, may have been there to remind me to breathe, relax, and always be, well, a good man, despite feeling out of control due to my lack of medication. The "Private Property" part was what stuck out the most to me. Good to know my anxiety has some sweet metaphorical meaning. I love how all of this comes together!

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