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Eating Eyeballs

by Lauri Loewenberg

Dear Lauri,

I dreamed a coworker asked me to go to McDonalds and get him some eyeballs. While I was waiting for the order, I went out back, and it was a water park. You could jump from pool to pool and I kept jumping too far. I would fall down, scrape my knees, get up and do it again. I finally got the eyeballs, and I ATE THEM, like it was normal. They were soooo gross looking with veins and stuff. I woke up laughing. - Shelly 34, Norfolk, VA

Lauri: The eyeballs most likely symbolize your perspective, your point of view. Has this co-worker, in some way, changed your perspective on something? Or has your perspective of the co-worker changed? Over jumping the pools suggests you may have overdone something recently: put more effort into something than was worth it or jumped into a situation too quickly. Also, the way you kept doing it again and again is most likely connected to some recurring behavior of yours, something that keeps leading to a letdown, hence the constant falling and something that you are doing in vain, hence the veins. I think eating the eyeballs means you are willing to accept that you need to change your perspective.

Shelly replies: I have been OBSESSED with losing weight (getting married in December, gotta fit into my dress). I keep trying to fix my diet and I keep NOT STICKING TO IT! I can't stop being disappointed in myself for it. This coworker doesn't work out and eats all he wants, but he's a dude and retains his non-flabby physique. As soon as you mentioned a behavior that is not working for me, diet flashed BRIGHT because I am seriously OBSESSED. I plan meals and try to do everything right, but I keep failing! No matter what, I keep failing. Changing my perspective of it all makes sense.

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