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Please go away

by Nick Vitrano

On the eve of the beginning of the 100th Tour de France, a Lance Armstrong interview with the newspaper Le Monde has been published.  In it, Armstrong states he still believes himself the record holder for Tour victories. 

His argument can be filed under the “everybody was doing it, so…”  Basically, Armstrong argues that if you weren’t doping, you weren’t going to win.  He might be accurate in his statements.  I believe he is.  But, Lance, if you truly felt you were doing nothing wrong...merely putting yourself on a level surface with the rest of the field...why did you so aggressively defend yourself?  You lied to us.  You broke our hearts.  And even in disgrace, you continue to suggest that we are the problem...that we do not understand, cannot understand.  Solid display of humility, Lance.   

Please go away, Lance.  Please.