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How Am I Going To Get A Soda?

by Nick Vitrano

You know the Sacagawea gold coins, right?  When they first entered circulation, I presented a couple of them at a fast food restaurant.  The kid at the counter, and I’m completely sincere, looked at them for a second and the following conversation took place:

Kid – “What are these?”

Me – “They’re U.S. currency.”

Kid – “I’m gonna have to get my manager.”

So what’s going to happen when I try to get a McDouble with one of these babies?

Major League Baseball will soon have a commemorative coin that will feature a concave and convex side.  Seriously…it’s curved and it’s awesome.  The concave side will feature a glove – the convex will be the ball. 

Obviously they are commemorative and collectable by nature, but if you pass one, the business has to honor it’s $1, $5 or half-dollar value, right?  Good luck getting that bag of Doritos.