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Blake's new poster.

by Ryan Fantozzi

I'll admit it. I am really hit or miss on the NBA. The last few years I was about as excited to watch the pros play as I had been since the 1990's when I constantly saw the New York Knicks break my heart as a kid. This year....not so much. Maybe it's because the Knicks flat out suck or three teams have winning records in the Eastern Conference. 

However the one thing I will never get sick of is Blake Griffin dunking over someone. Especially when it's over Kris Humphries. You know, the dude who was married to one of the dumbest people to ever walk the Earth and is somehow famous even though she's never done anything worthwhile, Kim Kardashian. Well Humphries now plays in Boston. It's OK, you're not alone, I had no idea where he was either. 


Not only is the dunk great, but teammate, DeAndre Jordan's look is priceless. And he knows a thing or two about posterizing dunks.