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Oh Grow Up!

by Tom King

Are you as sick and tired as I am over the on-field antics of athletes and coaches? Watching yesterday's SF-Carolina game brought it to a boil for me. It's bad enough when the players have to celebrate every play like they won the Super Bowl. But then we have to look at the antics of a coach like Jim Harbaugh and the pot boils over. Make no mistake, Harbaugh as been very successful at every stop. He's an excellent X's and O's coach (although his time-out skills are not good). And I also realize that pro football is an emotional game. But that is no excuse for his sideline tantrums. Of course the TV cameras love that crap...they will focus on his every meltdown. And in many cases, as goes the coach so go the players. Why should players control their emotions when their coach is a raving lunatic. Even Troy Aikman took Anquin Boldin to task for his constant post-play jawing...said he was tired of watching it. Me too. And its not just Harbaugh. There are many other examples like Illinois basketball coach John Groce and Indiana head man Tom Crean. Even Bo Ryan at times, although his histrionics are mostly contained to his long list of facial expressions .

I've coached Legion baseball for over 30 years and in my early days I was as out of control as these guys. Got tossed out on a regular basis. In my  mind every blown call was a personal attack by the officials that needed to addressed...usually in the loudest and most profane terms possible. I have come to realize that my histrionics accomplished nothing except causing me to watch many games from the parking lot. If the officials (who are not very good anymore) want to curb this stuff...throw a few more flags like they did after Harbaugh rushed the field yesterday. Toss a few more coaches out like they did with Iowa head man Fran McCaffrey against the Badgers.

Sports are emotional...I get that...but a part of being a coach or athlete is controlling those emotions and that is something that is quickly becoming a lost skill and we need to find it again.