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Vanquish Treatment #3

by Mandy Morgan

Only one more left and the process is done!!

Here`s a link to another video to help you see what Vanquish actually does.

This journey to vanquish fat away so far has been easy, relaxing and fast! In treatments, your supposed to lay there and relax, maybe take a nap. However I can`t stop talking. Could have something to do with my profession ;)

The positive side to that is learning something new every time. Questions I had last night were:

Since my wedding is just weeks away at this point, can I tan with UV lighting without it interfering with Vanquish?

Answer - Yes. UV lighting doesn't effect Vanquish at all.

If I wanted to do more sessions after my 4 recommended sessions are over, how many am I allowed to do?

Answer - As many as I want. There is no limit to how many treatments you can do. Many people have go 6 sessions for even better results. You never have to worry about over exposure with Vanquish.

What else do you do at Rejuv Skin andLaserClinic besides Vanquish?

Answer - Many things! Laser skin removal, hyro facials, spray tans, airbrush makeup, lotions, botox, chemical peels, medical spa, microdermabrasion, skin tightening, acne treatments and more. The full list is here.

Personally with an event like my wedding coming up, I really loved how affordable their spray tans and medical spas are. I am convincing my bridesmaids to do this.

At the same time, if you want to know more about Vanquish or Rejuv`s other amazing products, they would love to hear from you.


All the staff are super easy to talk to, know their stuff and won`t tell you to do something they wouldn't do themselves. From day 1 of this journey, I have been very impressed and thankful for the advice of Rejuv`s clinical technicians.

Just one more treatment to go. If you have questions you`d like me to ask for you, please email me at the Vanquish homepage.