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Vanquish Doesn`t Hurt!!

by Mandy Morgan

Had my first treatment last night! It`s the first of 4, 45 minute treatments once a week and it didn`t hurt! I couldn`t believe the Vanquish treatment didn`t feel like anything.

When I arrived, the staff there were so friendly! To the point that I forgot I was in a clinic. Having never done a treatment like Vanquish before, which is a non surgical fat reduction treatment, Lexi gave me a consultation. An important factor in successful results are to drink a gallon of water the day before, the day of and the day after. The more water you drink, the less you`ll feel. Although at max, you might feel a sore feeling afterwards. Like you had just done 100 sit-ups. And did you know the Vanquish treatments continue to work up to 6 months after your final treatment? I`m ok looking great for the holidays:)

For the first treatment, prepare to take pictures. Not something any of us are really excited to do, but it`s only to show how effective your results are with Vanquish. Also prepare to take final pictures 6 weeks after your final treatment.

Then all you need to do is lay on a warm bed, the clinical technician will drape the Vanquish machine over your treated area, for me it`s my tummy, and you lay peacefully for 3 15 minute sessions. The technician is in the room with you in case you ever feel any discomfort and to make sure you receive optimal results.

Here`s a video of what the Vanquish machine looks like.

Safety was another worry for me. It is FDA approved, and I couldn`t believe this treatment has been around for many years!

That`s it! Beyond drinking a gallon of water the day before, day of, and day after, there was nothing I had to prepare for. I had a normal busy day at the radio station and even went for a workout! You don`t have to change anything about your lifestyle.

Oh, and Vanquish treatments tighten your skin too :)

Looks like I`m gonna fit in my wedding dress after all.

Stay tuned for my next experience next week. And for more info on Rejuv Skin and Laser Clinic to find out if this is something right for you, you can call:

701-356-SKIN or go online to rejuvclinic.com or find them on Facebook.

They`re located at:

3003 32nd Ave South

Fargo ND 58103