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Final Vanquish Treatment!!

by Mandy Morgan

It`s done!

I feel like a graduate from Vanquish. It`s incredible that this treatment will continue to work up to 6 weeks. That`s when I`ll be back with pictures to see what Vanquish personally did for me.

Since 4 weeks ago, I`ve noticed a smaller waist. No joke, I had to go out and buy a belt by my 3rd treatment.

You will love this process. NO PAIN! Just results. Now I feel more ready than ever to show off that wedding dress and walk down the aisle in 2 weeks.

Thank You Rejuv Skin and Laser Clinic!

As always, to see if this is right for you, check out more details here.

Give them a call and get a free consultation at:


And Rejuv Skin and Laser Clinic has many more treatments for your skin. Ever want that celebrity glow? You can get that with Oxygen Facial Therapy. This is something I will be doing the day before my wedding.

It`s oxygen for your face!

One of the clinical RN`s from Rejuv Skin and Laser clinic explained that it feels like a light mist sprayed onto your face. The facial treatment contains botanical, vitamin, mineral and nutrient extracts.

It will make your skin firmer and smoother

give you a noticeable reduction in fine lines and wrinkles

strengthen skin elasticity

eliminate acne-causing bacteria

and even out skin tone while diminishing pores

And the best part is it`s only $35!

Seriously check out what Rejuv Skin and Laser Clinic has to offer. They just might surprise you.

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