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When to hit the shutter in action shots..

by Dave Kallaway

Action shots are fun to capture. If you shoot pics with a regular DSLR..then here's a a few tips. First..set your camera in "continuous high" mode. This allows the the camera to keep taking pictures for as long as you hold down the shutter. In this situation..I was photographing the Wausau, Wisconsin Polar Plunge..this guy proceeds to jump off a plateform into a hole cut in the middle of a lake. I focused on him when he got ready to jump. Then when he took off..I held the shutter down until he was well into the water. A lot of photogs "chimp" or look at all the pics they've taken then right there or wait til then get home to load the pics on their computer. I do a little of both methods myself. But the one I'm looking for is the one that has action..water flying, his facial reaction..all that. In taking pictures of this one subject..I probably fired off 15 to 20 shots to get this one in the air..it's my keeper.