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The best thing on a bad day

by Nikki Montgomery

No matter how bad your day is. No matter how much stress you're under at work. How under appreciated you feel. No matter if you're sick or feeling sad. When your kids are happy. When they play nicely together and tell each other that they love each other. When they look at you and smile and say "I love you Mommy" or "I need you Daddy" it all of a sudden turns into the best day.

My father in law suffered a stroke recently and it's been very hard on my husband, Josh. Dads are supposed to be invincible so when he sees his father lying there in a hospital bed with tubes and wires all over his body, unable to speak or even acknowledge that Josh is there it is very disheartening. Josh returned home from a visit with his father and I could see the pain in his face when he walked through the door. Mia heard him come in and ran into the kitchen so excited to see him and said, "Daddy I need a big hug!" Really it was Daddy that needed the big hug so he was more than happy to oblige the bouncy two year old. He looked up at me with a half smile and eyebrows raised in the middle telling me without words that this was exactly what he needed to know that everything would be okay.

Kids can be hard and they can be frustrating and they can be sassy, but when it really counts they can be the best thing on a bad day.

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