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How Convenient! I've Never Seen One Of THESE Before...

by Corey Carter

Earlier this week I was using the bathroom stall at a local gas station.  (BTW it was a NICE gas station, as proof with this picture.)

I noticed something I never had noticed before.  Maybe it's because I'm a parent now...and with 3 young kids, we rarely go anywhere in public because my twin boys don't really "listen" yet and they like to roam. 

Anyway, I guess if you have to use the bathroom stall, you can sit your infant or toddler on this contraption and they will be restrained.  Actually, a VERY good idea by somebody...dang I wish I would have thought of this:

My question is....has anybody every used one of these?  Did your child appreciate a front-row seat watching as you use the restroom?  (Some people can't go with any audience, but I suspect those wouldn't be the kind of people that may use this, lol!)