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VIDEO: Can't We Just Pay The Kid!!!

by Elliot Hoekstra

It seems like more and more there are people winning halftime contests at sporting events and because of some lame rule it gets taken away from them.

No exception for Jack Lavery who may have bombed one of the best shots we'll see all year, but won't be seeing a dime for it.

Jack is a freshman at West Chester University and took has shot at the schools halftime basketball contest.

25 seconds to make a lay-up, free-throw, 3-pointer and half court shot for $10K. That's a tall task for any fan. But Jack defied the odds and pulled it off! With just one small problem...

Now in the University's defense Jack Lavery signed a disclaimer saying he understood all the rules, but in Jack's defense even the MC in this thing is waving him back telling him to keep going! 

Maybe you don't have to give him $10K, but not even a consolation prize? Seems raunchy when this is likely the only highlight you've ever seen from West Chester University.

Thumbnail photo by West Chester University [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons