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The Drinking Game LETHALLY Sweeping Social Media

by Elliot Hoekstra

There is no doubt drinking games can be a great time. Categories, beer pong, quarters...you get the point.

But when does a game become a problem? When "losing" could come down to you losing your life.

I had only briefly heard of NekNomination or NekNominate, a drinking game spreading through social media in which an individual takes on the challenge of finishing a drink (usually alcoholic), then nominating a friend to top them...at which point that friend has 24-hours to complete the task.

Though the amount of consumption may start small, as the challenge moves from one person to the next, the consumption goes up and the danger along with it.

It's no secret that downing a large amount of alcohol is dangerous, it's called binge-drinking! But in cases where people are downing an entire bottle of hard alcohol, it's beyond binge-drinking.

But the danger doesn't stop there with NekNomination, because the amount of alcohol isn't the only thing increasing.

Participants are adding dangerous activities to their drinking. One prime example, just watch the first 45 seconds of this NekNominator.

(WARNING: NSFW, Contains explicit material)

Catch my drift?

And this "drinking-game" doesn't stop there! At it's roots this game in fueled by an extreme amount of peer pressure, leading a "NekNominee" to weigh the options of dealing with the backlash on social media or just doing it and getting it over with.

Large amounts of alcohol, dangerous activities and peer pressure. Easy to see why this game is already believed to have been the main cause of FOUR DEATHS in the UK alone, and that number is on the rise globally,

I'm sure this drinking-game started with the full intention of being a good time and for the most part safe. Certainly not life-threatening. But I'm just scratching the surface of the dangers of NekNomination. 

Do yourself a favor. Do you're friends a favor. And if  you have kids ABSOLUTELY do them a favor. Tell them to STAY AWAY from NekNomination!

Thumbnail photo By A Rod (originally posted to Flickr as franzia) [CC-BY-2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons