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The Best Last Place Prize in Fantasy Football

by Elliot Hoekstra

With the NFL Playoffs underway, many fantasy football leagues have come to an end. And if you're one of the those many people disappointed you didn't take home any cash, I remind you to keep in mind it could be worse.

Many fantasy football leagues have a "prize" for last place in the league. And the "prize" is really no prize at all.

For example, the fantasy football league I'm in, last place gets to be the designated driver as the rest of celebrate the completion of another season at the bar of our choosing.

(Which regrettably was me this year!)

But after seeing this video, I realized it could be worse...MUCH, MUCH WORSE!

A group in Nebraska, actually leaves a life long scar on their last place finisher. A 4-inch by 4-inch tattoo designed by the rest of the league. And trust me, they are most definitely a scar. Check out the 3:05 mark in video below:

All of a sudden being a designated driver for last place doesn't seem all that bad. 

Thumbnail photo by GrishaMaslov Григорий Маслов (http://www.tattoo-world.ru) [FAL], via Wikimedia Commons