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Single This Valentine's Day? Here's Some Ideas

by Elliot Hoekstra

Believe it or not, it's already February! Which means Valentine's Day is just a few short weeks away. If you're in a relationship chances are you'll start scrambling for gifts and ideas...and if you're single chances are you're looking for any ideas out there to avoid the fact this holiday even exists.

So I decided to take some time and scrounge the world wide web to find some of the best ideas for anyone single this "dreaded" Valentine's Day.

1. Don't Be Alone! - This does not mean head over to Craigslist to find a date. It means call up your other single guy/girl friends and toast to an evening of being single and loving life.

2. Spend Some Cash - Despite the fact we like to think Valentines Day is about showering the ladies with gifts, these days it seems to go both ways. So whether you're a guy or girl spend some green on buying something you'll ACTUALLY LIKE!

3. The Arsenal of Terrible V-Day Facts - You know your probably going to have some Valentine's Day affection thrown in your face whether that be a friend or co-worker...here's some facts to through that persons way in return. 1) Candy Hearts are made with sidewalk chalk. 2) St. Valentine was beheaded for performing marriages in secret. 3) More pregnancy tests are sold in March than any other time of the year.

4. Brownie Points - If you're making it a mission to not be out in public, now's the perfect time to earn an I.O.U from that friend or sibling with kids that needs a babysitter. You could even rub it in be using that I.O.U for a late sober ride home after a night of partying like a crazy single person.

5. KumNCyde - If you missed the excellence and humor that is KumNCyde Halloween night at Dumpsey's, don't make the mistake of missing out on Valentine's Day. Basically they're an awesome parody boy-band where even if you don't meet a date at the show, you'll at least get some good laughs out of the night! We got a chance to talk with the guys in studio plus you can get a preview of some of what's to come below