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Color Me Impressed

by Dan Gunderson

Initially, this post was suppose to be about my greatest fear on Saturday. The fear that I had was one where Bison fans booed Craig Bohl and the North Dakota State University football team as they came running out of the tunnel. 

Then, a funny thing happened on Monday. I listened to Bison Feedback on KFGO with Scott Miller and coach Bohl. To my surprise, ever single caller wanted to thank coach Bohl for what he had done for the football team.

I think Bison fans have wrapped their heads around the fact that he is doing what is best for him and his career at this point. It also helped that he decided he wanted to coach the team until the season ended.

Now, my line of thinking has completely changed. I am in the belief that this crowd may give the loudest pre-game ovation to coach Bohl and his team as they come storming out of the tunnel. Frankly, he deserves it.

I'm impressed with the attitude and the understanding, although, I shouldn't be. In the end, Bison fans are just a bunch of people who understand of how fun the past 11 years have been.

They think of the trips they have made in the past decade. Montana, South Dakota, Minnesota (twice) Iowa, Kansas, Colorado, Kansas again and I better not forget Texas times two. We all know that they are hoping for a third and final trip to Frisco with the head coach of NDSU, Craig Bohl.

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