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Why Cindy Crawford Isn`t Letting Her Kids Go To School

by Mandy Morgan

Check out Cindy`s reason for not taking her kids to school in the news interview here.

Classes have already started for Cindy`s kids Presley and Kaia, but Cindy refuses to bring them to their Malibu high school. Why? Because they found elevated levels of PCB in the schools window caulking!

Why is that bad? Apparently this chemical can cause cancer and hurt people`s immune and reproductive systems.

Now Cindy doesn`t look so crazy.

She`s just looking out for her future grandchildren ;)

Although in all seriousness, Cindy has been very disappointed in the way this situation has been handled. Especially coming from a lady who had a scholarship to study chemical engineering at Northwestern University before becoming a model.

She is now offering to fund the PCB testing in school using her OWN money.

Do you think Cindy is going overboard? Or does she have a point?

~ Mandy

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