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What To Do With The Wedding Dress After The Big Day

by Mandy Morgan

From Wedding Dress to Angel Dress

After your big day, what happens to that beautiful white dress? Will it take up closet space like mine? Will you save it for your future daughter or granddaughter perhaps? Being recently married myself, I know how special that dress becomes. I want to keep it forever because it`s special to me. However, there is a way to make it special and touch many people.

Its called the Angel Dress. This non-profit group called the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit), have teamed up with Helping Hands and are asking for donated wedding dresses. Volunteers take your gown and create baby gowns for children who have passed away in the NICU.

I hope this never happens for you, however in a situation like this, you can help families who are already stressing about funeral arrangements, to not worry about finding an outfit for their child. And it`s something very special.

More about this organization here.

Also, another way you can help, especially children in Fargo`s community, is to buy a blizzard tomorrow (8-14-2014). Every blizzard sold will be donating a $1 to the Children`s Miracle Network and helping our Sanford`s Children Hospital. More about that, here.