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What Katy Perry Was Like at 13

by Mandy Morgan

It`s hard to think that a confident beauty like Katy Perry was a teen like us. It`s also crazy to think she didn`t start out like a pop singer, but a christian singer-songwritter with a style like Alanis Morisette.

But she did!

Award winning cinematographer and videographer Jim Standridge found 90 minutes of raw footage of the 13 year old Katy Hudson. On the road on her own at the age of 13, she dealt with being a "pizza face" to being nervous before concerts to "hating her parents so much she actually missed them".

Standridge took the 90 minutes of footage and cut it down to 13 minutes to show you what Katy was really like as a teen. She`s incredibly real and crazy brave.

Check out that footage of Katy Perry at 13, here.

~ Mandy