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The Coffee Shop In The TV Show "Friends" is Real!!

by Mandy Morgan

Putting this on the bucket list!

So you know the TV show Friends right? If not because you`re too young, stop reading this and go home!

Then you know about Central Perk, the coffee shop they always met at. That is a real place! You can visit it right now in NYC. Warner Bros. TV and Eight O`Clock Coffee (coffee brand) opened Central Perk in honor of "Friends" 20th Anniversary!

Now I just made us all feel old. It`s really been 20 years!...gross. Wouldn`t you wanna visit this place though? Central Perk also includes their limited-edition Central Perk Roast just to make it even more authentic.

Officially open Wednesday, September 17th and stay open until Saturday October 18th.

If you want the official hours of the store, check it out here.

By Originally uploaded by Stuart1000 in enwiki (en:Image:DSC02176.JPG) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons