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One of Mandy`s Many Surprises Moving In

by Mandy Morgan

Never have I seen my fiance more grossed out when he saw this in the shower this morning.

Surprise!!!  Here`s something he never knew about me before living together.

Not the proudest moment for me.  And now you`re thinking less of your Y94 Midday girl after seeing this, but I`m not alone.  Whether it`s family, roommates, significant others...etc.  We all have some kind of bad bathroom habit.  Maybe you`re one of these. 

Leaving stubble in the sink

Using the bathroom for hours

Brushing your teeth in the shower

Not changing the toilet paper roll

peeing in the shower

Never pulling the toilet seat back down

Not washing hands

Not flushing the toilet

Makeup residue on the counter

leaving a wet towel on the floor

And the list goes on.  What other bad bathroom habits are there?

While you`re thinking, check out what Jenna Marbles does in the bathroom.