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Mandy`s Daily Celebrity News 3-04-2014

by Mandy Morgan

The latest Bachelor episode aired last night, "The Women Tell All", and Juan Pablo is NOT well liked!!  Many of the women felt he always reverted personal conversations back to him and his daughter.  But I think Andi, the last girl to leave the show, summed it up the best.  She said quote, "I don`t think Juan Pablo`s intentions weren`t real, I think he went on the show for different reasons.  He`s looking for a girlfriend while we are looking for a husband."

Ellen Degeneres invited the pizza guy on her show yesterday after hosting the Oscars.  He explained that he was told he was delivering pizzas to writers.  All of a sudden Ellen shows up, tells him to follow him, and oops!!!  He`s on stage of the OSCARS!!!

Check it out here.

Jimmy Fallon had Idina Menzel on the show last night to perform her song from Disney`s Frozen, with classroom instruments?!?

Believe it or not, it sounded really good!  Check out the full song here.

And more here.