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DON`T Drink From the Garden Hose

by Mandy Morgan

With warm weather finally here, it`s normal to break out the garden hose. What we don`t think about is when water sits inside your garden hose, warms up from the summer sun, it creates a deadly bacteria.

As easy as it is to turn that hose on and take a drink to cool yourself off, DON`T!

Personal story hit home for me over the weekend with a close relative. After drinking the warm water out of the garden hose, she got sick. Went into septic shock thinking it was the flu. Her blood pressure started going down and this morning she is fighting for her life in intensive care.

Prayers are always welcome. Although more importantly, please bring awareness to everyone you know, DON`T DRINK OUT OF THE GARDEN HOSE!!

More about the dangers of the summer garden hose here.

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