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Have you Ever Heard Music or Songs in Your Ears?

by Susan Fenrich

Photo credit: pippalou from morguefile.com

Have you ever heard music without having any music playing where you are? Recently I have had three people ask me about this. Some thought that maybe the hearing aids were picking up music by radio waves. Others heard the music without their hearing aids on. Songs heard were hymns as: Amazing Grace, How Great Thou Art and Abide with Me.

So I posed a question about this to my Hearing Professional Group on Linked In. I received a variety of answers from hearing professionals and audiologists all over the world. These are some of the answers I received: the music is a form of Tinnitus, the music could be part of the early stages of dementia or Alzheimer's, the people experiencing this may be over medicated, and these are musical hallucinations. I received the following link to an article about musical hallucinations which is quite interesting,although technical.

According to this article you are not alone, and you are not going crazy. If you have experienced this kind of phenomena I hope this makes you feel better!

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