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Music Snobbery: The British are coming! (Musically)

by Jonathan Biersbach

The Internet is a place of seemingly endless discovery and with that comes endless amounts of new music waiting to be unleashed to your eardrums. Instead of you spending hours going through music blogs and Youtube looking for new music, I compiled a string of videos from artists that you may or may not have heard of that are making some really awesome and unique music.

Before we get to the music and artists, one thing I will tell you about music in the States. We're behind the innovation curve. Europe is more open-minded when it comes to all sorts of music and are often playing songs on the radio and in the clubs 6-12 months ahead of anything that gets mass play in the United States. So now that a tiny bit of the music industry is covered, lets talk about the new class of music and artists coming out of the UK. 

The first artist is Sam Smith . A 21-year-old singer/songwriter from Britain who has gained quick notoriety with his vocal feature work on British electronic duo Disclosure's "Latch" and British producer Naughty Boy's  "La La La." These songs have helped push Sam into one of the UK's biggest names in music and has gained the attention of one huge megastar Taylor Swift. Check out his latest single "Money on My Mind" and watch out for his debut album called Losing My Mind in May 2014.

One of the next artists to check out is a collaborator of Sam Smith, the duo known as Disclosure . These guys are also relatively young in age, but have been making music since 2010. Their names are Howard (22) and Guy (19) Lawrence, brothers that have made a number 1 debut album (Settle) in the UK. They also first found success with Same Smith on their song "Latch." They are not just DJ's who turn knobs either. The brothers actually play electronic instruments during their live performances.

Another British electronic group that is blowing up is Clean Bandit . They are similar in style to Disclosure and the "Deep House" sound. They are a quite delightful mix of classical instruments and dance floor beats. Their unique sound has earned them a most recent top hit song with Jess Glynne  called "Rather Be." They are definitely worth a listen for music that finds balance and watch out for their debut album also this May 2014.

The final artists in this British list are Rudimental . They another musical foursome of electronic producers and musicians that have released one highly successful album and featured the vocal talents of fresh Y94 artists: John Newman, Emeli Sandé, Alex Clare and Foxes. The debut album Home came out last year, but the number 1 album has already produced two number 1 UK hit songs. They are definitely a group of artists to listen for before they cross the Atlantic.

I know what you might be saying now…."Ugh, I know all of these artists and I've heard all these songs like a year ago." If that's you, congrats, we are all now on the same level and we can all enjoy the music snobbery of new British artists together! 

Until next time.

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(Pic courtesy of Youtube)