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Incredibly awkward moment for this professor, but incredibly awesome April Fool's!

by Jonathan Biersbach

Group projects are a part of the college experience and this might be one of the best group projects I have seen by an entire class. A class of students at Aquinas College in Grand Rapids, MI pulled a soon to be classic April Fool's prank on their professor.

The professor has a class rule, if you're phone goes off in class you have to answer your phone call on speaker. What normally would be an awkward moment for the student, quickly turned awkward for the professor when the student was getting a call from a "pregnancy resource center." The caller proceeded to tell her, her test results were positive and there would be resources for her without the father being involved.

The professor's face said it all for him and lucky for his conscience, it was all an April Fool's joke he will never forget.

Picture courtesy of Youtube